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[June 25, 2094]

[Roger McWilliams]
[Human Development Manager]
[3232, Wildrose Lane]
[Detroit, MI, 48214]

Dear [Mr. McWilliams],

I am submitting this cover letter and resume to express my genuine interest in the vacant Call Center Agent role that you posted on [Google for Jobs]. As a highly-skilled professional with [fifteen (15)] years of experience in providing high-quality customer service, I possess a wide range of knowledge and expertise that would be a valuable contribution to your company, [Cavernetworks Global Solutions].

My background includes my [bachelor’s degree] in [education] at [Wichita State University], and I have worked in [Dial America], [Radius Global Solutions LLC], and [MDS Communications]. In my entire career as a Call Center Agent, I have performed duties such as enhancing customer response strategies, implementing new customer service processes, and managing the overall customer service facility. I have excelled in the position for [five (5)] years as the [Employee of the Year] in [Dial America]. Moreover, I have driven a [23%] increase in sales in [Radius Global Solutions LLC] and [34%] in [MDS Communications]. 

My proven dedication to delivering top-notch customer service has served me and my previous company well in the past, and I believe that I can also serve your company well if you consider my application. If you want to set an appointment, you can contact me through the contact details below from [8 am] to [8 pm]. Thank you very much.


[Christina Robinson]
[(773) 663-8558]
[[email protected]]

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