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Please accept my application letter accompanied with my resume as I apply for the field scientist position in [Parkway Alliances]. I am an experienced field scientist, and I have been working as a field scientist for [twenty years]. I will be delighted and honored to work as one of your field scientists, seeing as I have met most, if not all, the things on your checklist of skills and specifications required for the job. 

During my [twenty years] of experience as a medical practitioner, I have performed my duties and responsibilities by conducting field research in a variety of areas and specializations dedicated to saving the environment at all costs. I gather and compile my data together and formulate implementations in solving the problems presented in the research study. Once I finish gathering everything necessary for the research, I show them to stakeholders of private business companies or government organizations to raise ecological and hazard awareness across the community and even around the nation. 

I am confident that my qualifications and experiences are a perfect fit for the position of field scientist in your respected organization. You may refer to my contact information below if you wish to contact and schedule an appointment about your feedback and decision towards my employment. I hope to help and make a difference for the environment with your team someday, and may you stay in touch.



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