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[November 02, 2062]

[Kirsten Baker]
[Human Development Manager]
[Telexceed Incorporated]
[8910 W 103rd Street]
[Bowling Green, KY, 60661]

Dear [Ms. Baker],

I am sending you this cover letter together with my resume to show my great interest in applying for the [Call Center Trainer] position in your company. I communicated personally with one of your well-trained [subject matter experts (SMEs)] who happens to be my [classmate in college, Mr. Clyde Pills], and confirmed that my skills, expertise, and qualifications perfectly fit your job requirements.

With my [9-year] experience as a [trainer in various BPO industries], I am fully-equipped with the skills, knowledge, and understanding of developing and implementing a suitable training program that will hone the skills and abilities of [call center trainees]. In my previous work experience, [92%] of my trainees succeeded and were able to showcase their full potential. I believe that I can also produce a similar or higher success rate in your company. Additionally, I became one of the [Top Trainer nominees for 4 consecutive years] and was honored to be acknowledged as the [Top Trainer of the Year 2049 & 2050].

I would like to discuss my accomplishments and credentials with you in a sit-down interview. Contact me at your most convenient time using the phone number and email address provided below. Thank you very much for spending your time in considering my application.


[Amanda J. Dickens]
[(717) 752-2536]
[[email protected]]

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