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[November 12, 2050]

[Harry K. Hettinger]
[Hiring Manager]
[2342 Bee Street]
[Tustin, MI 49688]

Dear [Mr. Hettinger],

I am writing this to express my interest in applying as a Clinic Coordinator in your company. My [seven years] of working experience as a Clinical Doctor and my in-depth knowledge of the medical terminologies makes me the best option for the position.

I have been working as a Clinical Coordinator for [seven years] now. My responsibilities include managing and overseeing the daily operations of the clinic. I am skilled in communicating with the patient and their families to ensure high-quality patient care services provided by our clinical team members. In my long years, I developed my supervisory skills, and that helped me in making sure that the clinical employees are performing their assigned tasks on time and according to the rules and regulations of the clinic. I am also good at evaluating the performance of each clinical employee. Aside from my skills and experience, I have a [bachelor's degree in Nursing], and I have a [CPR Certification].

I am excited to contribute to the success of delivering high-quality patient care services in your clinic. I hope to receive a call from you soon to talk more about my qualifications for the position. You can call me at your most convenient time. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[John J. Maxson]
[4768 Neuport Lane]
[[email protected]]

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