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Free Home School Coordinator Cover Letter

Free Home School Coordinator Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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My name is [Ann R. Flemming], and I am submitting this letter together with my resume to you. I came upon your job advertisement in [], and I was inclined to apply for the Home School Coordinator position in your school, [Southview Institute]. As stated on your checklist of specifications, you are looking for a highly skilled and competent individual. I am confident that you will see me as the perfect candidate for the position. 

I am a highly-skilled Home School Coordinator with almost [6 years] of experience under my belt. It has been my ultimate goal to [provide the youth with the best student experience not only in their academics but also in their lifestyle. My previous employer has commended me for actively performing my duties as a home school coordinator. I was able to build and strengthen the school's relationship with the students' parents. With the multiple duties and responsibilities that I managed to handle, I have gained a good amount of experience and have grown exponentially because of it. It has allowed me to acquire the skills that are necessary to perform the tasks the position encompasses. 

With my qualifications and extensive background, I am positive that I can be a valuable asset to [Southview Institute]. I append my contact number and email address below for your convenience. Do not hesitate to call me [any day] between [1 P.M. to 4 P.M.] Thank you for your time. 



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