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Fashion Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Fashion Sales Assistant Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages

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[June 26, 2088]

[Clyde G. Phatom]
[Human Development Executive]
[1573 Kemper Lane]
[Salt Lake City, UT, 84104]

Dear [Mr. Phatom],

[Ms. Stephanie A. White], one of your sales assistants in your stall located at [A-Mall], informed that you are currently looking for additional sales assistants who can guide purchasers in buying fashion products produced by your company. I newly ended my contract with [SamApparel] a week ago, and I am looking for a new job at the same moment [Ms. White] informed me of the vacancy. I am very excited to venture into a new environment as I render my expertise in selling. I provided my resume after this letter. Please review it if you could spare time.

My employment with [SamApparel] honed my sales service and interpersonal skills. I entertained different individuals on a day-to-day basis, purchasing and inquiring various fashion products. My experience was challenging in some sense because of the different personalities I handle. During my employment with them, I learned the importance of patience in the job’s nature. Aside from these exposures, I am also adaptive to changes in shift or roles as requested by the management. I believe I could help your company and the management at ease supervision.

Please send me an update regarding this application using the contact information I included below. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

[Jeffrey S. Washington]
[[email protected]]

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