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When I saw your Dialogue Editor job posting in [HYDCareers.com], I was delighted since it's the exact position I'm currently targeting. Plus, I have experience as a [Dialogue Editor], which gives me the confidence that I'm qualified to apply for your job vacancy. For those reasons, I sent you this letter to express my interest in being a part of your gaming studio company.

Over the last [five years], I worked as a [Dialogue Editor] at [Click Studios], a studio company that produced many award-winning films for the past decade. I was one of the credited [Dialogue Editors] of those movies. Most of their movies where I was the [Dialogue Editor] earned various best sound editing awards. I have this perfectionist attitude when editing the sound quality of a movie's dialogue. I always made sure that they're audible and understandable to the audience. I know very well that dialogue is critical to film storytelling, and I believe the same principle when it comes to video game stories. 

I left [Click Studios] to explore other opportunities and challenges as a Dialogue Editor in the gaming industry. I am hoping to accomplish that endeavor in your company. So if you see that I have the potential in the gaming industry, you can invite me for a job interview at your most convenient time. You contact me through my phone number or email address indicated below. I thank you for the time you invested in reading this letter. 



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