Accessories Editor Cover Letter

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I am currently looking for a job that not only help become more adept in the world of fashion but specifically in the world of accessories. Luckily, I saw your job advertisement and it sparked the fire within me as an artist and as a writer. Hence, I am confident that I can fully met the indicated duties and qualifications in your job descriptions.

The things that I always wanted to do aside from working as a [fashion designer] is writing. It made me conceptualize ideas and other brilliant designs that can be loved by the masses. As what you’ve written in your job description, I am also a person who loves art so much. I have also made several clothing lines with their matching accessories. However, writing about them is a thing that I wanted to try and take a shot. Should you want to see other details about me and my experience, you can refer to my resume and portfolio attached together with this cover letter. 

I am happy to at least taking a step closer to this job. I would be happier if you could give me a chance to be part of your team. Rest assured that the skills that I’ve said and the things that I’ve learned can be performed with utmost enthusiasm in the future. Furthermore, you can contact me through my contact details anytime every day.



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