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Your restaurant located on the left side of the [Bourbon Street] across [Deli's Boutique] is soon to open. There, I ran across a post attached to your main door that you are still in need of an apprentice cook for your team with your email included in it. So, I send this letter to let you know of my interest in it. It would be my privilege of you to spare some of your time with this. Also, I have my resume, which presents my detailed skills and experiences. 

I moved here in [New Orleans] to pursue my degree in [culinary] at the [School of Culinary Arts] that will start a few months from now. Having experiences as an assistant cook, I had exposed to the basics of culinary and kitchen practices. I worked at three different restaurants that lasted for [2 years] at each interval. I assisted the head chef and the management in keeping all kitchen activities at smooth flow. I monitored all the needed food supplies and food storage rotation. All these experiences fall into one value, and that is the passion.  

I may be new to this place, but not in the job's nature. Please allow me to showcase my skills in your soon to open restaurant. I will look forward to your response to this. 

All the best, 


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