Carpenter Apprentice Cover Letter

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I sent you this letter to formally express my interest in applying for your company's vacant Carpenter Apprentice position. All the requirements you've established for the role are attributes that I possess. That said, I am confident that I could perform well in your company's projects. Embedded along with this letter is my resume outlining my complete background. 

I've just recently graduated and earned my carpentry diploma at [Blue Collar Carpentry Vocational School]. The reason why I pursued carpentry is that I have always been passionate about the craft ever since my elementary days. Before I enrolled in [Blue Collar], I already had skills in carpentry, which I further honed as my classes and training progressed. I also learned to handle advanced tools and equipment and was able to perform top tier carpentry techniques. Furthermore, [Blue Collar's] educators taught us the rules and safety guidelines of construction operations.

I am very eager to apply the knowledge and skills I obtained at [Blue Collar] soon. If you're willing to grant me this opportunity, you can invite me for a job interview at any period of your preference. My phone and email are on the line at all times. I am grateful that you invested some of your time to read this letter, and I'm hoping to hear from you soon.  



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