Before the project’s kick-off, a construction company plans everything, from securing resources until finishing touches. Changes of the construction plan occur too during the actual construction, and the documentation of such changes is required for the construction team’s awareness. Therefore, the success of a construction project depends on the orderly flow of work. If you are a project manager, making work order templates seems an additional task for you. We understand how preoccupied you are, so we offer a professionally written and designed Construction Templates that you can download. This template is 100% customizable for your easy editing. Download it now and subscribe for more templates! 

What Is a Construction Order?

construction order template

The construction order is a broad term. It is a type of documentation or recording as part of project management. This documentation may include change order, purchase order, work sequence, work schedule, and other similar work orders. According to the constructor, an engineering firm, the construction order plays an essential role in construction management. It helps the team to finish the project within the specified timeline, budget, and specifications.

How to Create a Construction Order?

The project or construction manager prepares the construction order documents or templates ahead of the project’s commencement date. This documentation is part of the preconstruction stage. If you are planning to make these documents, you may apply the following tips we prepared for you.

1. Know Your Goals

Before you make your construction order templates, you should conduct a meeting with your key personnel to determine your goals in your project. Your goals may include health and safety, work schedule, documentation, quality control, and other similar construction management aspects. You will use these pieces of information in your project’s documentation.

2. Draft Your Construction Order Templates

You can use free applications or programs when drafting your construction documents. Make sure to include tables and spaces for the necessary data.

3. Encode Necessary Data

Encode the necessary information in your template. The information may include your company name, project name, project number, site location, and many more. If you are making a change order template, include the change description, responsible personnel, timeline, and other information. Remember that the data varies from each construction order template. You may download our free various construction work templates to determine such data.

4. Design Your Construction Order Templates

Design always catches the eyes of the reader. Hence, don’t forget to include colors in your template. Avoid using bright colors such as neon, and don’t overly design these templates as these are technical documents.

5. Review Your Construction Order Templates

Now that you have completed your construction order templates, review it with your team. Make sure that the tables, margins, and data are correct before you introduce it to your team.

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