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How to Make a Finance Organizational Chart in Google Slides

Did you know that a century ago, Daniel McCallum designed the first organizational chart to assign critical tasks to the right people? Like organizational charts, organizational finance charts are also essential to show responsibilities and relationships between positions. They provide better communication between people in the company to improve financial services.

So, today, create a well-designed chart with the help of the tips below.

1. Get a Template

To create a financial corp organizational chart quickly, using a template is the best solution. Templates don't only save you time, but they also save your effort. All you need is to choose a template and personalize it in Google Slides.

2. List the Names of the Employees and their Positions

Business organizational charts contain the hierarchy of the finance company's employees' positions and responsibilities. Before you start typing them in Google Slides, create a list of the employees' names and their positions first. Then, refer to your copy once you start editing them on the software.

3. Place the Names in Boxes or Circles

To make your chart more comprehensible, paste every name on each box or circle. These shapes can help distance the names from each other. They also make your visuals neater and easier to scan. 

4. Fit the Chart in One Page

A simple organizational chart has to fit on one page. For that, use landscape because it gives you a bigger space than using portrait. Also, adjust the size of the boxes, font sizes, and lines to make sure that you won't need an additional page.

5. Add Designs

For finishing touches, add artistic graphics to your creative organizational chart. Like creating a pitch deck, check out Google Slides themes and colors to make it more beautiful. Additionally, choose a legible font to make the chart easy to understand. 

Another thing, you need to remember that too many designs can make your chart look unprofessional, like adding an animated GIF or too many colors. So, be a minimalist in terms of the visuals.


  • What are the types of finances?

      There are different aspects where finance focuses, and they're divided into categories. The types of finances are listed below.

      1. Corporate Finance
      2. Personal Finance
      3. Public Finance
  • What are the two main types of business finance?

      Business finance has two divisions, and these are equity finance and debt finance. Debt finance means the money a business borrows from a lender while equity finance means a business's or inventor's funds.

  • Who is the father of finance?

      The father of Modern Finance is University of Chicago professor Dr. Eugene Fama.

  • What is the purpose of finance?

      Finance exists to benefit people, businesses, and the government in handling and using their funds. Finance guides people to manage budget and save money. It also helps people to insure risks and transact with others.

  • What exactly is finance?

      Finance relates to anything that deals with money. You can associate it with credit, investments, liabilities, banking, and more. It studies how cash works and deals with financial management.