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How to Make a Health Magazine

Magazines cover all types of various topics. The Illinois Library (a US-based resource) explains that, when it comes to reading material, magazines excel at providing content for a particular audience. Health is especially prevalent as written material in magazines, where you can read talks about medical discoveries, dietary food, yoga workouts, etc.

Running a health-centric publication gets tricky at times. However, we have a few tips (below) that are sure to help you out!

1. Keep Updated on the Latest Health Trends

Magazines are a great go-to for relevant information and recreational reading. For health magazines, the targeted readers take their body fitness and lifestyle seriously. Due to that reason, every issue you release needs the freshest news and gossip to keep its audience interested. When researching for your content, don’t forget to take notes about the most essential bits.

2. Make Your Health Magazine

There are plenty of health and fitness publications out there. To stand out, you need a personality for your magazine’s design. Do this by putting together a color palette and sticking with it for branding aesthetics. By establishing a unique personality, readers remember your content and are more likely to recommend your magazine.

3. Prepare Appealing Covers for Your Health Magazine

If you’re looking to get as much exposure as possible, then your magazines need to advertise themselves effectively. This is done by designing eye-catching front covers.

For the cover’s visuals, incorporate photos depicting well-known role models or topical figures. Regarding the written content, add charming or clever taglines referring to the articles inside—like “The Best Urban Spots for a Natural Workout” or “Beat the Heat with Summer Sunbathing.”

4. Visually Improve Your Health Topics

While your magazine’s dialogue is the primary element of each page, pictures and graphic designs also help convey information. For instance, when writing an interview article, include photos that depict the interviewee and what they’re known for.

Now that you’ve read our tips, you’re ready to start your health-oriented publication! And if you need customizable content, check out our Health Magazine Templates.


  • What are some well-known health magazines?

      Here are a few examples:

      1. Runner’s World
      2.  Men’s Health
      3. Shape
      4. Women’s Health
  • What topics can I find in health magazines?

      Some topics you can find are:

      1. Nutrition
      2. Fitness
      3. Psychology
      4. Weight loss
      5. Lifestyle
  • How many magazine templates can I download from

      Over 350 magazine templates are downloadable from

  • Which programs can I use to customize health magazines from

      You can use:

      1. Adobe InDesign
      2. Adobe Photoshop
      3. Apple Pages
      4. Microsoft Publisher
      5. Microsoft Word
  • Why choose health magazine templates by

      Health magazine templates by are 100% customizable in various applications, containing plenty of original content for your convenience.