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What Is a Hotel Invoice?

A hotel invoice is one of the official restaurant invoices that contains information on the hotel room rented by a guest. This includes the room cost per night along with the other accommodations given for the room. This is commonly given once the hotel management wishes to get paid for their hotel room and services.

How to Make a Hotel Invoice?

hotel invoice template

According to the law, hotels also need to present proof of sale on their products and services. At the same time, this helps your accountants process the basic invoice for your hotel business. On the other hand, guests on business trips keep a copy of these business invoices to get their expenses reimbursed.

1. Name Your Hotel

Let your guests know who you are and declare the name of your hotel on your sample invoice. Add the basic information about your business, like your address and contact details together with your logo. If you have a slogan, you may add that as well. This is one way to advertise your hotel to your guests.

2. Input the Name and Registered Address of Your Guest

It is important to identify your guest's information while protecting guest privacy. You don't want to bill the wrong guest in your hotel, this would obviously start a commotion and would give your hotel a bad reputation for it. At the same time, getting the proper identification of your guests will give you access to who to contact in case of emergencies and unforeseen incidents arises.

3. Add Your Invoice Number

Never forget to add your invoice number on the document. Seriously, how will you trace their payments if you don't have a basis or a reference to trace their invoice? Make your invoice number legible. Possibly, write it in bold numbers and place it in an area that is easily seen by your staff.

4. Break Down Bill Details and Total Cost

Next is to create a breakdown of your bill details and total their cost. You may create a table or a plane sheet that specifies the date of their arrival and departure, the services offered to them, the number of materials and accommodations provided, as well as their costs. When you finish your breakdown, you may total everything in the sales invoice.

5. Include Added Taxes and Fees

There will be taxes since this is required by the law. Don't forget to charge them with the tax in connection with their stay at your hotel. If your guests incurred additional fees like overstaying at the hotel or when they accidentally broke some of your properties, you may include that as well in your estimate invoice. After you determine their additional payments, add them with the total cost of their stay at your hotel.

6. Specify Your Terms and Payment Methods

Lastly, specify your terms and conditions for your payment schedules and methods. Now, people have a variety of choices on how they may pay you. It can be through cash, credit cards, and checks. See to it that you provide them the options for their payments and set a proper deadline for it. Try to customize your catering invoices as they are an important part of your hotel; business as well.

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