Traditional business models, talent, and client poaching, as well as the growing law firm market competition, are just some of the challenges that lawyers are facing. However, your law firm can still effectively compete despite changing market conditions when channeled through the right promotional tools such as law firm brochures. Feel free to choose from a wide variety of fully editable brochure templates designed with royalty-free fonts, graphics, and content, which you can also customize. Subscribe to any of our payment plans for more high-quality premium templates for your business' marketing and promotional needs!

What is a Law Firm Brochure?

Law firms are a private business entity that takes several expert lawyers of a particular field in its institution. These people altogether provide legal services to their clients on one or some specific crime or civil cases in a court of justice. Thus to communicate the services and field of expertise, firms make use of different types of law firm service brochures. Such brochures contain informational content, and the record of the clients they have served to date and the number of successful cases. Law firms are categorized in different types according to the kinds of cases they help. We have specified them below:

  • Small Size Law Firms- Also known as "boutique" law firm, it employs two to ten attorneys and allows the lawyers to collaborate with other lawyers if the case is more complicated.
  • Large Size Law Firms- Also known as "full-service" firm, it is a significant hub of several lawyers and employees from lawyers, paralegals, and administrative staff to librarians and other employees. They are also widespread in different states and countries.
  • Solo Law Firms- In these firms, a single lawyer serves clients on general legal matters on a variety of cases than any particular individual situation.
  • Litigation vs. Transactional Law Firms- Sometimes, a single law firm can be shown different bodies as per the type of case they are dealing with.
  • Criminal Law Firms- Such firms provide defense services in criminal cases to reduce the penalties for their clients who can afford their defense attorney rather than having a public defender.
  • Law Firms by Practice Area- By a specific practice area also a law firm can stand as a different legal law firm type.

How to Design a Law Firm Brochure?

As partnerships continue to age and competition continues to rise in an already cutthroat territory, the legal profession is no less stronger, with lawyers thriving in criminal and family law as well as the corporate, taxation, litigation, and intellectual property fields. There are over 1.1 million people in the U.S legal industry, with lawyers earning a mean annual wage of over 144,000 U.S. dollars as of 2018.

If you want your firm to survive market changes and client competition, you'll have to step up your law firm's marketing strategy. When it comes to hiring the best lawyers or getting more clients knocking at your office door, nothing beats a professionally-designed law firm brochure that puts your services to the fore. We have specified the way of making a law firm brochure in which can attract more clients in the simple step below.

Step 1: Look and learn from your competitor's brochures and try to stand unique than others.

Step 2: Plan your business brochure frame, design, layout, infographics, etc. and set a budget before starting the task.

Step 3: Choose the information you want clients to know about and avoid putting information that can vary with time, like charges, lawyers, etc.

Step 4: Start with introducing your identity and services by highlighting your expert areas and essential information on your sample brochure.

Step 5: List the awards or the recognition you have received to date.

Step 6: Set the ethical obligation and boundaries in your advertising brochure. Claim to be a specialist only if you or your lawyers are certified as one, add your firm's rules and responsibility limits and save the file.

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