How to Make a Real Estate Presentation?

Professional agents would often rely on presentations to do the job of convincing clients to buy the property they are selling. However, simply putting words and pictures together cannot be called a proper presentation. It must be done properly and that involves planning and design. Down below are some tips we have provided, they might prove to be helpful.

1. Plan Out Your Presentation

Before you could present a property proposal, you should first devise a thorough plan. You have a lot to consider when making a presentation. Things like the demographics, the property's value and appeal as well as the attention span of your audience. Based on these parameters, you should plan the layout and duration of your presentation

2. Choose an Application

Of course, you will have to make your presentation using a computer, it's more efficient that way. Computers can let you choose programs that allow you to make a presentation like Microsoft Excel.

3. Input the Texts

When making the presentation, you should first type the texts in the presentation slides, this way you can make adjustments before you work with your visuals. Select the font that ensures that the letters in your text are readable.

4. Use Relevant Images and Videos

Images and videos will increase the potency of your presentation, only if you are using the correct ones. You will want to gather images and footage of the property you are selling. These materials have to make the property look as attractive as it could. After all your aim is to produce a very effective material for promotion.

5. Observe the 10-20-30 Rule

The 10-20-30 rule states that a presentation should on have ten slides, and the duration of the presentation should not exceed twenty minutes and the font size used is no smaller than 30 points. This rule is to develop to fully exploit the fact that most audiences have a short attention span. If you can keep your audience's attention towards you then you have a big chance to convince them to buy properties from you.

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