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Anyone who has ever been to school, or worked at any company in the 21st century, is familiar with the importance of knowing how to give a good presentation. With proper organization and a confidence in knowing your topic, good presentation can develop professional and personal character by building confidence in a person.

Powerpoint and other digital presentations such as Google Slides can be very useful in business meetings and corporate events. Slideshows can serve as a creative visual aid that can help keep your audience’s attention. However, the content of each presentation should be geared toward its audience, thus considering their needs to help understand the presentation better. Although visual impact, such as backgrounds and themes should be considered, it is also important to note that the main goal is to keep being informative.

The visual design of digital presentations will help get the message across in a more effective manner. Because of this, PowerPoint text should be simple in its design and large enough to be readable to the audience. A well thought-out slideshow or video will make the presentation flow easier from one point to another, thus making it easier for people to grasp the information thrust upon them.

Here are some points to take into consideration when making a Google Slides or PowerPoint Presentation:

Keep it simple: because of the landscape orientation of PowerPoints, they are convenient in displaying graphical information that could help support the speaker’s speech or informative talk. , Thus the use of charts and visual timelines may be put into consideration. However, because the slides by themselves are not the star of the presentation, it is important that you keep your ability to tell your story without resorting to including far more detail than necessary.

Limit your text. The presentation is made to benefit the audience, but that does not necessarily mean that you have to include your speech in its entirety. Audiences are better served by sharing or printing out word documents containing the full details of the speech, rather than have them essentially read a larger-than-life presentation.

Limit transitions, non-essential images, and animations. Although fun to look at, they can be distracting to the audience. Stick to the most subtle transitions such as swipes. For a more professional feel, use no more than two or three different types of transition effects, and do not use them between all slides.

Use high-quality images and graphics. Remember that your presentation will be projected in a much larger view than your computer screen. Graphics that you use should be vibrant and in high resolution so that they will turn out as good when projected on the big screen. Never stretch a small, low-resolution photo in your layout, as this will degrade its resolution, resulting to pixelated visuals.

These customizable and editable layouts made available on this website, created by a team of professional designers, will help you jumpstart a good presentation for school or for your boss. Simply look for the examples that would work best for you, and then make use of our free, downloadable templates to have it act as a guide for your speech. Good luck!