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How to Create a Salon Business Card?

Salon business cards are effective tools used in connecting with prospective clients, customers, business partners, and even investors of your salon business. It is also a tool that can be used for your brand promotion. Even with advancements in technology and in the way we communicate with people via social media, salon business cards remain as one of the effective business tools that build good partnerships and enable business collaborations.

To come up with a functional salon business card, follow through the guidelines below.

1. Determine Your Salon Name

What's the point of having a salon business card if you haven't figured out your salon name before anything else? So, as the first step of your simple business card creation process, you should determine first your salon name so you can proceed with the next steps. Your salon's name should be the most prominent element of your business card aside from your logo.

2. Have Your Salon Logo Ready

As soon as you have determined the name of your salon, then you should already have your salon logo ready. If you are still coming up with a logo for your salon, stay from anything that is trendy because its impact on people will not last long enough. Simply stick to simple but timeless and classic logos that enable you to deliver your brand image simple and clear through your corporate business-card.

3. Come Up with a Tagline for Your Salon

The tagline of your salon is another element in your sample business card that can help in boosting your brand image. A tagline is basically a short phrase or line that says something about what your salon business does and provides. If you are still about to make one for your salon, it is highly suggested that you add personality into it to make it more unlike any other taglines from other salon businesses.

4. Indicate Your Full Name

Having a salon business card along with your name on it is more than just adding a nice personal touch to include in the design of your creative business card. By including your name in your business card, you make it easier for people to address you with your name as soon as they contact you and book your salon's services. Ensure to keep it large enough to be noticeable by your potential clients and current customers.

5. Title of the Services You Provide in Your Salon

Aside from indicating your name, it is also important for you to include your title or position in your salon business. Consider making it an identifier of the kind of business you provide. So, if you are the hairstylist, nail technician, makeup artist, beauty therapist, wax specialist, the salon manager, or even the owner, make sure you indicate this in your modern business card.

6. Don't Forget Your Salon's Contact Details

If you want your prospective clients and current customers to reach out to you and book your services with ease, then make sure you don't forget to write down your contact details. Your contact details in the business card should include your complete office address, your active cellphone and landline numbers, email address, and your social media handles if you have active social media accounts. Apart from that, you can even include a QR code should you want to direct your potential clients to your official website in order to gain an increase in traffic.

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