Whether you are planning to acknowledge an employee's hard work and loyalty to the company, recommend an employee, or supporting a particular business project, writing a letter is always a heartwarming way of appreciating someone's effort and improvement. With that, a support letter is a must. To help you, check out our Ready-Made Support Letter Templates! These professionally-written templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in Google Docs and in any device that has access to any available software anytime, anywhere! Don't wait for tomorrow. Express your support and appreciation by downloading this template today! 

How to Write a Support Letter in Google Docs

Writing support letters are common tasks for people in the field of academe and business. It is a formal and legal document that usually provides a clear and convincing explanation of why a stakeholder would like to endorse your request or plan for a grant. The best support letters explain how well a collaborator will be helping the project as expected.

If you are assigned to write a letter of support, we have presented some helpful tips for you to compose a compelling one!

1. Determine the Purpose of Writing a Support Letter

Support letters have various functions. Thus, specify the need to secure one. Are you preparing to write a support letter for immigration or parole? Is your support letter requesting for funding or financial assistance to be approved? Is it used as a recommendation letter? Or, are you planning to write a promotion letter to an employee? Identifying the overall intent of your support letter will help you craft well-defined content. And it helps the recipient understand the main point of your message.

2. Draft a Letter Introduction

Once you have already planned out the purpose of your support letter, it's time to make an introduction to your letter. But first, place an institutional or company letterhead and properly put other basic information such as the sender's name, the company or organization he or she belongs, address, recipient's name, position, etc.

In writing the introduction of your support letter, clearly affirm the whole purpose in the first few sentences. For instance, in crafting a college recommendation letter, as an administrator, indicate your relationship with the appellant or some personal bond to the teacher. That way, it helps you establish credibility and that your appeal will be taken sincerely.

Just a tip: Maintain clarity and conciseness with your wording. For example, "I am writing to give my support for [name] to be accepted to [company or institution]."

3. Write the Body of the Letter

Writing the body of your support letter is crucial. There, you need to prove why a certain applicant be it a student or an employee deserves is a good fit. What was it like working with this particular employee? What made this student stand out among others? How this applicant shows his or her attitude at work? Some questions like these will help you formulate a persuasive body of your intent letter. Convey enthusiasm and truthfulness in your wording. Highlight some of the applicant's remarkable experience. That way, the recipient will have an idea to consider the approval of the applicant's request.

According to viceprovost.tufts.edu, limit the body part into one to three paragraphs or more if needed.

4. Close the Letter

End your support letter with a summary of your overall intent. And state some final statement such as " Wish you the best of luck in your grant application," or if you are writing an employee promotion letter, "We look forward to your additional contributions in your new position.”

The tone of your letter may depend on the level of personal relationship you have with the recipient. If you have known each other very well, an informal tone will do.

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