Before an employee gets down and dirty, he/she needs to have proper training in order to do his/her job effectively. If you want to create your own training manual templates for your newly hired staff, we have various templates that you can edit in Google Docs to use as your outline. These premium templates are suitable for any industry and any position; we have templates for the training programs of restaurant employees, front desk staff, kitchen staff, and so much more. Plus, these editable templates have a well-designed layout and format to ensure a professional look. Improve your business processes by ten folds by downloading our printable templates today!

How to Make a Training Manual in Google Docs

Although you can avoid the stress that comes with creating something from scratch with the help of ready-made templates, it is still essential to know how should the situation arise. Thus, we have provided an easy guide for creating a training manual in Google Docs for you to follow:

1. Identify the Objectives

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that only 11% of employees apply the training they received to their actual jobs. This highlights the necessity of determining the learner’s needs and comparing them to the actual objectives of the organization in order to integrate them properly into the training manual. To ensure the success of the training manual and the training program itself, there needs to be a proper assessment of the objectives that should be included in the manual.

2. Identify the Audience

Determining the approach for your training program will be easy if you have an idea who or what your audience's mindset is. It is best to familiarize and understand the objectives of the organization as well as the demographics and psychological behaviors of the trainees, their backgrounds, their jobs, industry, and language proficiency. It has been revealed that 40% of employees with poor training leave their jobs on their first year. Hence, the importance of tailoring the contents of your training manual to then employees’ or trainees’ needs.

3. Consider What Your Need to Include

Since you have identified your objectives and audience, it is time to consider the topics and content that you need to include in your training manual. Although doing so entails a complex process, it can be easily attained by compiling all the information, checklists, references, etc. that are relevant to the needs and objectives you have previously identified. It should be your top priority to create a thorough and comprehensive training manual to achieve a successful training program.

4. Work Collaboratively

There is no need to be casual about it; creating a training manual is no easy feat. You simply cannot create an effective and successful training manual without the input of other people closely working with you. The best way to avoid missing some topics and details, and miswriting any critical information is by working with your team; you should work collaboratively to ensure that the training manual is factual, thorough and clear. That way you can work efficiently through delegating tasks, while one is tasked with writing others should conduct research, compile and organize information, and so on.

5. Select Your Tools

With the advent of technology, it is safe to say that you have quite a few options with what to use when creating your training manual. There are a bunch of basic websites that offer a convenient and efficient process, there are also quite a few ready-made templates similar to what you find in our website that you can use, and so much more. It is important to select the tool that you are most comfortable in using to ensure a smooth and steady training manual creation process.

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