Parental Consent Release Of Liability

Parental Consent Release of Liability

I. Parties Involved

This Release of Liability (“Agreement”) effective from [Effective Date], is entered by and between [School Name], whose address is [School Address], and [Parent's Name], a resident of [Parent's Address], hereinafter referred as "the Parent".

II. Description of Activity

The Parent hereby gives consent to [Child's Full Name] (the "Participant"), to participate in the following activity:

Activity Details: A guided hiking excursion along the scenic trails of [National Park/Local Trail System], led by experienced park rangers. The hike will encompass approximately [Distance] miles of moderate-difficulty terrain, providing opportunities for educational insights into local flora and fauna.

Activity Date and Time: [Activity Date], [Start Time] to [End Time]

Activity Location: Meeting point at [Specific Location within the Park/Trailhead]

III. Acknowledgement of Risks

The Parent/Guardian is completely aware of and understands the inherent risks involved in the activity being undertaken.

They recognize the potential for unexpected outcomes from the Participant's participation in this activity, and these outcomes could include different kinds of harm or injury and damage to personal possessions or property.

IV. Disclaimer of Liability

The parent of the participant unequivocally, for themselves and their successors, grants a release to [Your Company Name], in addition to its working personnel, agents associated in any capacity, and representatives of any kind, from any potential liability, responsibilities, legal implications, claims, demands, controversies, damages, actions, causes of action or other legal complications about any unexpected, latent, apparent, or potential loss, damage, injury, death, pain, and suffering, or any other harm the participant may suffer as a result of their involvement, participation or association with the activity mentioned above.

V. Consent and Assumption of Risk

By their own free will and choice, the Parent is voluntarily permitting the Participant to engage in the aforementioned activity. They accept and take on any risks that might arise from the Participant's involvement in this activity. This includes those risks that are known and have been made aware beforehand, as well as those risks that are unknown and could potentially emerge unexpectedly.

VI. Agreement

BY SIGNING BELOW, the Parent acknowledges they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Release of Liability Agreement.

[Parent's Name]


[School Name]

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