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Get a fast and well formatted letter of reference to the previous employer of any candidate by making good use of our Reference Check Letter template. Get a ready made letter you are able to easily edit according to your preferences instantly after download. Just fill in the required information needed from the previous employer records such as job profiles, salary, performance, and others. Get a quick and fast response in order to process any candidate’s application right away. Come up with a more informed decision based on the reference check. Make use of this template today by clicking on the download button.




This letter is regarding the reference check of [NAME] who has applied for an available position in our company and is being considered for such. Upon initial inquiry with the applicant, we were advised that you might be able to provide some relevant information regarding the same.

I hope you can be of assistance to us by expressing your opinion of this particular candidate and aid us by answering some queries and questions on the attached questionnaire. Your responses and answers are absolutely confidential and classified. 

With this, we trust upon well-informed individuals like you to aid us in the selection of qualified and abled personnel who are competent and right for this particular job position and who will maintain high standards of performance in their respective fields.

Your response and cooperation at the time most convenient to you regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions, you may reach me directly at this number [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

With great thanks,



Name of the Applicant: [NAME]

The present position being applied for:

The Referee’s details:

  • Please indicate the dates of employment (month/year):

Start Date (month/year): [START DATE]
End Date (month/year): [END DATE]

  • Job Title in the previous position:
  • Please indicate the primary Job Duties or the Job Responsibilities:
  • If you were to rate the overall quality of work, how would you rate it?
  • What the applicant’s reason for leaving?
  • Was it a voluntary or involuntary separation of employment?
  • Is the applicant eligible for rehire?
  • Please indicate the nature of your relationship with the applicant?
  • In what capacity is/was the applicant employed by your business?
  • How would you describe the applicant’s overall work performance?
  • What would you say are the applicant’s strengths?
  • What would you say are the applicant’s development areas?
  • Where there any problems you encountered with the applicant?
  • Have you had any concerns with their performance?
  • If yes, please explain when these issues were identified?
  • When were they discussed with the individual?
  • What work are their doing to improve and what progress has been made?
  • Please comment on the following attributes of the applicant:
  • Reliability

Ability to work in a team
Ability to work under pressure
Ability to work alone
Ability to meet deadlines




No attribution required

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