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Free Assignment Of All Rights To Photograph Template

Free Assignment Of All Rights To Photograph Template in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages, Outlook

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A template like our Assignment of All Rights to Photograph comes in handy when you need a document that can oversee the deal between a photograph owner and its purchaser. With this in your disposal, you can effectively transfer or assign all the rights of a particular photograph to the one looking to purchase it. Having said that, you are guaranteed with the best quality for this template. It comes with an impressively-designed layout and suggestive content that anybody can easily edit. Make good use of this template to your advantage by dwnloading now!


This Assignment of All Rights to Photograph, referred to hereinafter as the “Agreement”, is made effective on [DATE, by and between:

[YOUR COMPANY NAME]], a corporation registered, formed and existing under the laws of [COUNTRY/STATE/PROVINCE], engaged in the business of [TYPE OF  BUSINESS ], having its principal place of business at [COUNTRY/STATE/PROVINCE], hereinafter referred to as the “Assignor”.


[ANOTHER COMPANY NAME], a corporation registered, formed and existing under the laws of [ COUNTRY/STATE/PROVINCE 1], engaged in the business of [ANOTHER TYPE OF  BUSINESS ], having its principal place of business at [ANOTHER COUNTRY/STATE/PROVINCE], hereinafter referred to as the “Assignee”.

As parties to this Agreement, the aforementioned companies shall hereinafter be referred to collectively as the “Parties”.  

The Assignor acknowledges the receipt and sufficiency of the consideration under this Agreement for the subject matter Photographs, and in view thereof, it hereby agrees as follows:

  • The Assignor hereby assigns, conveys, transfers and delivers all right, title and interest in and to the photographs listed and described on Exhibit A, referred to hereinafter as the “Photographs”, to the Assignee, which includes among others, the copyright over the Photographs, whether registered or not, in accordance with the applicable domestic and international law on intellectual property rights.
  • It is expressly represented and warranted that no copies of the Photographs, whether developed, digital or negative copies, are retained in the possession of the Photograph Owner at the time this Agreement becomes effective, except those copies which the Photograph Owner may possess thereafter by virtue of any lawful modes of acquiring ownership or possession of properties.
  • The Photograph Owner further represents and warrants that no co-ownership exists over the rights, titles or interests of the Photographs, that it is the sole owner thereof, and to that effect, excludes all other person, natural or juridical, with respect to the rights, titles or interests over the Photographs.
  • Moreover, none of the Photographs has ever been published in any parts of the world, as the term published may be defined by the domestic and international laws on intellectual property rights.
  • 5. In case any legal actions would arise in relation to any matters contained in this Agreement, the sole and exclusive venue of the actions shall be [COUNTRY/STATE/PROVINCE]. 
  • The rights of the Assignee vested to it by virtue of this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of its assigns or successors in interests. 
  • Any amendments to this Agreement shall be reduced in writing which shall be contained in an amended or supplemental agreement, superseding or repealing therein any provisions which are inconsistent with the amendments or additional provisions made.
  • If any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement be rendered illegal, unenforceable, or invalid by any law or decision of a competent authority, the remaining provision, if they can stand alone, shall stand as valid, enforceable and legal with the same binding effect as though none of the provisions of this Agreement has been severed.
  • This Agreement embodies the entire agreement between the Parties, and all prior discussions, writings, negotiation, and understandings are consolidated in and are superseded, repealed and canceled by, this Agreement. This Agreement does not confer any remedies or rights, as may be provided herein, to any third party, be it a natural or juridical person or entity, including their successors in interests or permitted assignees.
  • This instrument may be signed by the Parties electronically with the same effect as if their signatures were fixed personally by them in a conventional manner. This Agreement may be signed in as many copies as may be desired by the Parties at the date of execution, and the same copies will have the same binding effect with all other copies. In the interpretation of the terms and clauses of this Agreement, with due regard to the agreed governing law and court jurisdiction shall be given such interpretation, having in mind that the terms, words, phrases and captions herein are used or included are for the convenience and reference of the Parties, and shall be disregarded in case the circumstances would warrant
  • Any attachments in the form of annexes, schedules or exhibits shall form part of this Agreement and reference thereto shall duly be made if such is necessary.
  • This Agreement and all the contemplated transactions thereby shall be governed and interpreted by the internal laws of [COUNTRY/STATE/PROVINCE.

NOW, THEREFORE, in view of the foregoing premises, the terms, conditions, representations, warranties, indemnities, covenants and consensus contained in this Agreement, with the manifest intention to be legally bound hereto, the following has been agreed by the Parties:


Name of representative:[YOUR NAME]


[DATE 1]


Name of representative: [NAME]


[DATE 2]

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