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Real Estate Specialist Cover Letter

Real Estate Specialist Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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Your current job advertisement posted online looking for a Real Estate Specialist has grabbed my interest. I would like to introduce myself as a competent candidate for the position that you are offering at [AJ Homes Corporation]. With my four years of experience in the same specifications, I believe that my skills in customer service, communication, negotiation, and management are honed enough to perform the duties and fit the checklist of qualifications in your posted job description.

I have become the Property Specialist at [Blocks & Bricks Corporation] for [two] years, where my duties include computing rental and lease rates, collecting payments, creating budgets, and enforcing the policies of the company. I am accountable for the [6.3%] occupancy increase by managing every operation and ensuring that each employee is performing a top-notch job and customer service. I also became the Real Estate Specialist in [Concrete Industries] for [two] years as well. My work involves interacting with potential and real customers, answering their queries, judging if they deserve the property, researching for current market trends, and preparing several written documents. 

I think that my strong knowledge and genuine passion for working in the real-estate industry are a great match for this work opportunity. I would love to meet with you and talk about what good things I can contribute to your business. My contact information such as my mobile number and email address are already written below, and as well as in my resume. Please be informed that the best time to contact me is from [3] in the afternoon until [11] in the evening. I hope that you would consider this application. I have enclosed my resume for your convenience. Thank you so much.



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