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It is important that you effectively display your work and experiences that will let your employer envision you as part of the company. How to do so? Well, through a cover letter. So, if you are a Real Estate Consultant wanting to achieve this, then download our Real Estate Consultant Cover Letter Template. Our template is user-friendly as it has features such as 100% customizable, professionally-written, beautifully-designed, and easily editable in any file format anytime and anywhere in any accessible device. So, hurry! Download our template together with our Real Estate Consultant Job Description Template and Real Estate Consultant Resume Template and enjoy its convenience at its finest! 





The job posting of your company, [Schowalter-Deckow] intrigued me because of its bluntness. You posted that you need a competent, reliable, and experienced Real Estate Consultant that will make your real estate company more sturdy. I am writing this to you as I want to apply as your company’s Real Estate Consultant. I am confident that my specifications and qualifications will put me on the pedestal of your potential employee checklist.

I am a real estate professional with over a [decade] of succeeding experience in all aspects of real estate, especially as a Real Estate Consultant. In my past company, Farell Group, I showcased a variety of accounting techniques that are proven to be effective as I raised their sales for up to 23% in a year. Also, I adapt the proactive approach to conflict resolution. Not to mention, I have consistently proven myself as I provide excellent customer services and exceeds my goals base on the awards and certificates I received.

As a real estate professional abiding the basic work ethics, I possess the skills to meet your expectations. I would gladly accept and embody the duties and responsibilities as your company’s Real Estate Consultant. I also welcome the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation for the position and I look forward to hearing from you.



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