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High School Athletic Director Cover Letter

High School Athletic Director Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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I read in the local newspaper that [Mr. John Doe] recently stepped down as [Rolling Plains High School]‘s athletic director. I wrote and sent this letter to let you know that I would like to fill in the duties left by [Mr. Doe]. I am confident that you would judge my credentials as worthy-enough to become your next High School Athletic Director.

I have been a High School Athletic Director for [three years]. But as of now, I am currently freelancing as a yoga instructor. But years before all of that, I earned my [bachelor's degree] and [master's degree] in [physical education]. After that, I became a [physical education teacher] at [Sayson High School] for [five] years. Later on, as I taught in [Sayson High School], I earned my certification as a [Registered Athletic Administrator]. That achievement propelled me to finally become the athletics director in [Sayson High School]. Throughout my career, I have successfully recruited talented athletes who earned gold medals and trophies in their respective sports events. Furthermore, with the help of the coaches and faculty, I ensured that each student-athlete under my supervision had excellent academic performance. My primary principle as a High School Athletic Director is to provide student-athletes with a lot of opportunities to excel both in sports and academics. I am willing to continue that principle in [Rolling Plains High School].

So if you're considering to contact me for a job interview, you can do so from [Monday to Friday] via my phone number and email address. Together, we will produce competent and exemplary student-athletes in [Rolling Plains High School]. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.  



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