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It is with great pleasure that I have read your advertisement in a local column that you are seeking for a High School Teacher in your school, [White Mountain High School], and that I am writing this letter as a part of my application for the position. I believe that the checklist of my instructional specifications and abilities together with my strong interpersonal skills and work ethic would make me a great addition to educate and guide your students in their success. 

I genuinely believe that education molds the students into what they would become in their future. As a licensed and certified High School Teacher, I am more than willing to perform duties to motivate high school students to ascertain their inner strengths and abilities, which would be their assets when they face their respective college lives. Through my [six years] of experience as a High School Teacher in different schools such as [KIPP Foundation], [Responsive Education Solutions], and [Denver Public Schools], I was able to stimulate a positive learning environment that encourages and fosters high schoolers’ abilities. The achievements made by my students are what I consider my personal achievements. 

Please contact me at your most convenient time and I would be delighted to a meeting so that we can discuss important matters such as the job qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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