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Assistant Town Planner Cover Letter

Assistant Town Planner Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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I have recently moved into this community and currently looking for a job. One of the locals here told me that you are hiring for an Assistant Town Planner. Upon hearing the information, I was delighted since I have prior experience in that said position. So without wasting any time, I then sent you this letter as a formal response and to inform you that I'm interested.

Back in [Hell's Kitchen], the town where I previously resided, I was assistant to its local town planner for over [seven years]. [Hell's Kitchen] had many social, economic, and environmental problems, all of which I was involved in resolving. Together with officials, local businesses, and concerned citizens, I and the town planner surveyed every block of the community and used the results as a guide in creating plans for the town's better future. And when certain private sectors submit proposals to our office for their construction projects, I contributed to deciding their approval or otherwise. Right now, [Hell's Kitchen] is an illustrious town and full of potential for further growth.

If you grant me the opportunity to be your town planner's assistant, I assure you that I'll do everything in my capabilities to help in nurturing this community. I am ready to receive your phone call or email for a job interview at any given time. The time and effort you've invested in reading this letter are much appreciated.   



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