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Assistant City Planner Cover Letter

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Your city planner, who's a former colleague of mine, invited me to become [HIS/HER] Assistant City Planner. Delighted by the opportunity, I didn't hesitate to say yes and accept the offer. Afterward, [HE/SHE] told me to send you my resume and address you this letter to let you know of my interest for the position.

For the past [NUMBER] years, I was an Assistant City Planner during my residence at [AREA/PLACE]. I was involved in the planning process of new roads, streets, and infrastructures that you might have seen if you've visited [AREA/PLACE] recently. When the city planner conducts site visits and feasibility studies, I was hands-on in assisting [HIM/HER] and facilitating every necessary paperwork. I was even assigned in negotiating with contractors, government officials, and community business stakeholders for major city projects. Due to personal reasons, I had to move to this city and give up my position as [AREA/PLACE] Assistant City Planner. But now that I reside here, I do hope to continue my career under the supervision of your very own city planner.

Should you be interested in hiring me for the position, you can contact me through my phone or email at any time. I assure you that you'll receive a prompt response from me. Your time and effort in going over my resume and this letter are much appreciated.




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