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Assistant HR Manager Cover Letter

Assistant HR Manager Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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I am quite unfamiliar with your company,that is why when I saw you posting in a well-established job board, I quickly searched and viewed your company website.  I knew that you are functioning in the [telecommunication] industry for a decade. The period is long enough for a business to operate,that is why I dearly presume you have good management. 

Compensations for all employees have been a concern in any company. They have also been a factor in employee retention, which reflects on how well-cultured that company is and how effective human resource management is. Like any job timeline, I started as an HR trainee promoted to an HR associate, and then as an HR specialist. [5 years] have passed since I welcomed the opportunity for the Assistant HR Manager. I know that this position demands a doubled effort and commitment from me, and passion lingers on.  Now that you opened this position, I would like to notify you through this letter that I want to take the spot if ever you allow me. 

Skills and experiences are just part of the entire professional percentage you require. If you may, you can refer to [Ms. Evelone G. Hirt] through [887-789-9878] to ask regarding my work ethics. Please inform me of your assessment with this. All thanks for you. 



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