Computer Programmer Cover Letter

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I saw your job advertisement on Facebook last night and instantly created a spark of interest in me. After hours of thorough decision-making, I already came up with the decision to submit my resume for your consideration. With extensive programming experience, I am confident that I can contribute to your company's success as your next Computer Programmer.

My bachelor's degree in [SUBJECT], which I have acquired from [INSTITUTE NAME], significantly contributed to my career-building. I have been a Computer Programmer for the past [NUMBER] years in three companies. As of the present, I am employed in [YOUR COMPANY NAME], where I am in charge of unifying both client and company needs to produce cost-efficient, safe, and user-friendly solutions regarding the product or application codes and designs. I am accountable in writing, patching, and fixing codes in which it developed my trouble-shooting skills. Orienting and coaching newly hired programmers as well as creating cybersecurity systems for a wide array of clients.

I believe that the qualities and background that I possess are enough to prove me worthy of the Computer Programmer position. Please contact me on my mobile number [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or email address [YOUR EMAIL ID]. The best time to contact me is between [DETAIL  1] and [DETAIL 2]. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.




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