Business Programmer Cover Letter

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I am writing to you to apply for the Business Programmer position at your company, [Micro Software]. I have more than [4 years] of experience under my belt, and I am confident that with my credentials you will find me compatible for the position. 

In my previous company, [Diversified], I have gained extensive experience working with [Microsoft .Net]. I have comprehensive expertise with programming languages, especially in [HTML, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, and Java]. I have great concentration skills and keen attention to detail. The aforementioned skills have allowed me to make few to none mistakes whenever I design software, write programs, or even when I perform the responsibilities expected from me. Furthermore, my solid educational background and dedication have positioned me to be the best candidate to fill this position. I would like an opportunity to share my expertise with your company, [Micro Software], and continue its success.

I would be thrilled to bring my dedication, professionalism, and skills to your company. I welcome the opportunity to meet you in person to discuss my credentials. Please do not hesitate to contact me whenever you are available through the contact information below. Thank you for your time and consideration.  I hope to meet you soon. 



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