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Please accept my application letter accompanied with my resume as I apply for the position of QA WhiteBox tester in [Elektro Burner Enterprises]. I am an experienced QA WhiteBox tester, and I have been as a WhiteBox tester for [seven years]. I will be delighted to work and offer my services as one of your QA WhiteBox testers, seeing as I have met most, if not all, the things on your checklist of skills and specifications needed for the position. 

During my [seven years] of experience as a QA WhiteBox tester, I have performed my duties and responsibilities by performing a variety of tests and procedures based on the product’s quality control for any signs and defects. I ensure that the quality-control processes executed meet the standards and requirements specified by the company and the clients using the product. I also work as a team player with the systems development department in detecting and debugging the defects of the program during its development phase. 

I am confident that my qualifications and experiences are a perfect fit for the position of QA WhiteBox Tester in your respected company. You may refer to my contact information below if you wish to contact me and schedule an in-depth discussion about your feedback and decision towards my employment. I hope to work with you, your company, and the system development team soon, and may you stay in touch.



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