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Freelancer Experience Letter


[Whom It May Concern],
Good day!

This letter certifies that [Edward L. Beeson] was an employee of [Ramdy Technologies Inc.] as a freelance software analyst from [January 5, 2020], to [January 5, 2021].

During his time with the company, he has achieved the required quality and productivity as a freelancer. His responsibilities included coordinating with software professionals to install and analyze applications and tools; analyzing, developing, implementing, and monitoring systems and programs; and analyzing and modifying software systems using different coding languages. The employee has maintained a good work relationship with the company’s key personnel and co-employees and co-freelancers.

His decision to end his employment is solely his own, and the company wishes him all the best in his future career.

You may contact us for further information at [906-365-2022] or email us at [[email protected]].

Kind Regards,


[HR Department Head]

[Ramdy Technologies Inc.]

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