Architect Cover Letter Templates

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Applying for an architectural firm can be daunting while on the job hunt. But as long as you make a great cover letter, you will definitely have an advantage. If you are in need of a convenient way to write down a cover letter then we got you just the right thing! Take a look at our variety of Free Ready-Made Architect Cover Letter Templates now available in Pages, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, and Publisher. With its suggestive content, you will have an easy time writing your cover letter. And thanks to its hassle-free features you will get this done in no time at all. Download this now and get the architectural firm’s attention right away!

What is an Architect Cover Letter

An architect cover letter is specifically used by aspiring architect applicants. Their content is tailored to help them get a chance at being hired by an architectural firm. As all cover letters do, it contains the name, contact details, and credentials of said applicant.

How to Construct an Architect Cover Letter

Architecture is a popular choice of profession in the United States thanks to its penchant for building tall buildings. In fact, there is an organization dedicated to the profession known as the American Institute of Architects which was founded in 1857. To make it big in the architectural industry,  you’ll need to make an impressive introduction to your cover letter. Continue reading and check out these tips for you to get started.

1. Provide Information About your Skills

Cover letters allow you to inform your future employer of your experience and skill. For example, if you may write an "experienced architect" on your CV, you should provide the details in your cover letter to demonstrate this and explain how you became one. For example, you can mention a particular project where you helped provide designs for the construction of a building. And if you are a beginner fresh off of school, then you can mention your experiences during your architecture internship.

2. Do Not Redo Your Resume

Remember that your cover letter and resume have two different purposes for this job application. Do not make your cover letter a word-heavy version of your college portfolio. Use your cover letter to give your future employer an idea of who you are as a person and as a potential employer of theirs in turn. While your resume can be reused in job applications, your cover letter can only be used for a specific one. So it is important to customize your cover letter for that job post to cater to the hiring manager or employer of the architectural firm of your choice. Try to do some research on the company profile beforehand as that would help you tailor your cover letter.

3. Give the Correct Details

While writing your cover letter make sure your name is spelled correctly and written in a large and readable font. Include your phone number and email address right next to your name so that the hiring manager can easily find it. Make sure they are the correct ones as well. If the employer has a hard time reaching you, you risk your chances of being considered for the job.

4. Double Check is Key

A cover letter with mistakes can turn potential employers off. In order to avoid mistakes in making a cover letter for work as an architect, you have to review it many times to make sure it is absent of typos, misinformation or any unorganized writing. Have a friend double-check it as well because a fresh pair of eyes can spot mistakes that could’ve gotten past you.