How to Make a Printable ID Card in Adobe Photoshop

A printable ID Card (Identification Card or Identity Card) is a single document that represents the identity of a person. ID Cards contain the necessary information of a person that is enough to justify their status. ID Cards are usually issued by companies, schools, government, and other organizations that want their facilities or group to be secured. There are different types of ID Cards depending on their purpose of release, some of them are company id, membership id, service card, employee card, school id, driver's id, and many more. People need to have their IDs with them always in case of an emergency. Making an ID Card sounds easy, but it requires you to be creative since IDs should be unique to avoid fake IDs. No need to stress yourself because we are here to help you with our available templates above and our prepared steps below that you can follow.

1. Decide the Purpose

There are many types of ID, and the format will depend on the type you will be making. You cannot start to layout your ID if you do not know the purpose as to why you are making an ID. Decide whether if your ID is for membership, for security pass, or any other purpose. Once you have figure out the use, you can just easily layout the format of the ID.

2. Determine the Size and Orientation

ID Cards have a variety of sizes. You can choose from the most common ID Card size which is 3.370 inches wide and 2.125 inches high with a thickness of 0.030 inches or "30 mils". But its all up to you, make sure that the size of your ID is small enough to hand carry. As for the orientation, you can choose either vertical or horizontal.

3. Add Details

The ID needs to have the necessary information about the owner. The details can be the complete name, address, contact information, age, birthdate, and any details that you deemed is needed to be included as information. Any details can be added depending on the usage of the ID. For example, if the ID is for an employee, then you include the job position of the person.

4. Layout the Design

When you do the design, it will be better if you use Adobe Photoshop since it has the best editing effects and easy to navigate buttons. In designing, you need to consider placing the logo, person's face, and the layout. You can use the logo as a background of your ID. As for the person's face, it needs to be a formal photo so that the face can be easily determined. For the layout, the ID will look neater if you place the necessary information of the owner on the front together with their face and signature while the other additional things will be at the back.

5. Insert Bar Code, Terms, and Condition

The bar code is useful for scanning and to be more secured. Place your customized barcode at the bottom part of the ID Card. The terms and conditions will be helpful so that the owner will be informed of the scope and limitations of the ID. It can be written in the back part of the ID Card.

6. Print in PVC Card

Make sure that you have proofread everything and there is nothing wrong with the format before you print the ID Card. The ID Card will be durable and will last longer if you use PVC plastic. Do not forget to leave a space for holes on the ID for the lanyard.

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