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How to Make a Real Estate Analysis?

A real estate analysis is a document that helps people understand the worth of a property. It's also known as comparative market analysis. This kind of analysis contains data on the value of each property in a certain area. The website Passive Real Estate Investing said that 5 million houses were sold in 2016. Prices of rental property and commercial spaces go up as time passes by. Buying a property is not easy, but it's worth a try through a real estate analysis. If you need ideas in writing one, we have some tips for you to read below.

1. Study the Competition

This is the first part of your analysis. Now that you have set your eyes on a particular property, learn about the competition with other properties in the area. Determine the number of properties situated in the area and the number of people who want to buy it. Competition is tighter when more people want to live in that certain area.

2. Look at the Environment

The environment where the property is in can affect its value in the long run. Some of the considerations that you need to check are the water supply, soil, climate, public utilities, and transportation. Make a checklist for this part of your document. If any of these four does not match your preferences, then don't buy the property.

3. Examine Trends

The trends that you need to examine when doing your analysis are the booming of businesses and the age bracket of the people in the area. More businesses mean a more solid cash flow. You also need to consider the income of the people and their educational background. The results of this examination can influence your decision to buy a real estate property.

4. Think Bigger

Whether it's for lease or not, you have to consider the declining or booming rate of real estate in the area of your choice. Seeing a decline in the real estate trend may lead you to a trap.

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