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business management checklist

10+ Business Management Checklist in Google Docs | MS Word | Pages | MS Excel | Numbers | PDF

When we speak of the term “management” in business, we often think of the activities associated with running a company, such as organizing, analyzing, and planning. Although managing a business is not an easy job, the US Department of Labor projected a seven (7) percent increase employment of management occupations from 2018 to 2028. This projection is way faster than the average, which will result in nearly 706 900 new jobs. Understandably, the new business startups and the expansion of the existing ones cause such rapid employment growth. Hence, it will require more business management workers to manage the operations, and so does a business management checklist template to manage it well. Check them out below and download any of them to utilize.

8+ Small Business Promissory Note Templates in PDF

Apart from banks, there are other places where you can get financial support for your company. It might be a person or another company. When they do decide to lend you a certain amount of money they will usually provide you with a simple promissory note that which contains details related to the amount to be paid as well as other terms and conditions.

9+ Small Business Questionnaire Templates in PDF

In the course of the development of a business, a number of decisions are taken that change a lot of things about the company. It is necessary that the decisions are made after a considerable amount of research and planning and a marketing questionnaire is one of the quickest ways to do market research and get important insight.

9+ Small Business Balance Sheet Templates in Google Docs | Google Sheets | Numbers | Pages | PDF | XLS

A balance sheet of a business is a detailed account of the financial position- liabilities, and assets of the company into different categories for easy classification. In simple terms, the balance sheet is a written record of the company’s net worth. It may also have a detailed comparison of the previous year’s performance for the company to identify areas to improve and build better strategies. Creating a balance sheet is as important as it is dreary. However, you can use various sheet templates for your reference and create efficient balance sheets for your company.

19+ Cleaning Postcard Templates

A cleaning service business is easy to start but challenging to maintain because you have to meet up with daily customer expectations. Be a successful entrepreneur and service provider by investing on promotional materials that will boost your profit and reputation in the industry. Promotional materials like postcards, flyers, and banners should create a buzz with the target market. With the help of this article, you can now choose from different postcard templates that will eventually be a great tool in your cleaning service company.