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10 Freelance Websites to Find Jobs Online

According to, an analysis by a research firm in the United States found that 64% of American freelancers mostly find gigs online. So if going freelance is currently your plan, you’re about to embark on an excellent career choice. Sites for freelance work are abundant on the internet. In those sites, clients are continually hiring freelancers with the right qualities, skills, and traits. Who knows? You could be that very person that they’re searching for. For sure, among your goals is to land freelance jobs consistently and earn more money in the process, right? In that case, you should visit these fantastic online freelance platforms when you begin your job hunting.

10 Freelance Websites to Find Jobs Online


You might’ve heard of Craigslist and thought of it as a buy-and-sell website. Well, you’re actually right, but Craigslist is more than that; it’s also a great online platform to find more work as a freelancer. Craigslist has a Jobs and Gigs category that transports you to a long list of job vacancies, particularly freelance jobs. You can also search for a specific vacant position on the site’s search box to find more specific results. Indeed, Craigslist is a convenient site for first-time freelancers.

Freelance is basically a buy-and-sell economy; freelancers sell their services, and clients buy them. So, you should expect to find countless freelance job openings on Craigslist.


Before employers can display their job postings on FlexJobs, the administrators of the site assess their credibility. With that in mind, there’s an assurance that every job posting on FlexJobs is legitimate and not a scam. FlexJobs also provides information about the employers who are hiring on the site. In that case, you can choose clients who you think are good to do business with. Well-known companies are hiring talented freelancers like you on FlexJobs. You might get a chance to receive a proposal from any of them with a fat paycheck waiting for you.


Upwork is known as the largest online platform for freelance jobs in the world. In Upwork, you can simply register your profile and post your portfolio that showcases your skills. Clients on Upwork display their open freelance jobs with descriptions of what kind of freelancer they require. If you think your credentials meet their requirements, you can submit your profile to them, and they will review it. Upwork offers a direct and straightforward manner of contacting clients and arranging a negotiation to work for them. So, it’s no wonder that it’s the most famous freelance website online.


Aquent’s main focus is marketing, creative, and digital jobs for freelancers. It’s a staffing company that mostly provides temporary workforce to companies with major advertising, promotional, and marketing campaigns. Aquent, as a freelance platform, has won multiple awards in the past.

The downside of Aquent is that they prefer or require freelancers with two or more years of experience. Despite that, there are still plenty of entry-level options in Aquent that you can explore. There are even freelance opportunities for fresh graduates. If you specialize in marketing and design, Aquent should be a good place for you to start your freelance career.


Wordmasters is an amazing freelance platform for aspiring writers and tenured writers alike. It offers a very convenient freelance experience. Wordmasters is the perfect place if you want to be a freelance writer. To be a freelance writer in Wordmasters, you have to create an account on the site. After that, you’ll be taking a grammar exam, and an editor will let you write a sample article. If you passed the exam and the editor sees that you have writing potential, you’ll officially become a Junior Writer in Wordmasters. It’s that simple.

You don’t need to search for writing gigs or contact clients in Wordmasters. The site’s project managers, which are also the editors, will do those things on the writers’ behalf. The project managers will post available writing gigs on the site’s project pool, and all you have to do is choose. Payments for each article you’ll write will be distributed through Paypal. Also, you need to have consistent communication with the project managers regarding blogs and articles.


PeoplePerHour is a highly competitive freelance platform, with around 2.9 million registered freelancers. Why is it competitive? That’s because each freelancer is given a rating that will be displayed together with their profile. The higher the rating, the more likely clients will hire a particular freelancer. So if you opt to freelance in PeoplePerHour, you have to exercise your good characteristics, such as being productive, reliable, and flexible. That being said, PeoplePerHour could help you become a more dynamic freelancer.


Toptal prides itself on delivering to clients the top 3% of the best freelancers in their platform. So if you register in Toptal, you need to bring your A-game to become a part of that top 3%. You should practice your time management and organization skills. It’s a challenge that you should consider accepting in order to develop your capabilities. Eventually, you could become a top freelancer and subsequently receive offers from world-class businesses and organizations.


Guru is a simple freelance website with diverse choices of freelance jobs. The site has jobs in programming, design or art, writing, sales and marketing, engineering, architecture, secretarial, etc. As you can see, you can explore many freelancing opportunities in Guru, especially if you have multiple skillsets. So, consider signing up in Guru and browse the job postings of its 800,000 registered employers.


If graphic art and design is your niche, then 99designs is the ideal freelance platform for you. In 99designs, you’ll encounter clients who need you to create their business logos, book covers, menus, brochures, flyers, billboards, and website design. This freelance website will help you to nurture and progress your career as a graphic artist or designer. Go for it and express your artistic prowess.


Fiverr should be the first freelance platform you’ll visit to learn the basics of freelancing. This website offers learning courses that help you to interact well with clients; know that those courses are for free. Fiverr allows you to provide previews of your sample works so that clients will have a better grasp of your skills. In that way, you’ll have more chances of receiving gigs from your target clients.

Remember that you can freelance with no experience. Most of the time, freelancing is a matter of finding the right job that fits with your current attributes. Those websites we’ve discussed can present you with thousands of opportunities. The sky is the limit. Plus, there’s a long checklist of freelancer benefits you’ll enjoy. You don’t need a large budget to start being a freelancer; you can freelance at home, and you can work at your own time as long as you comply with deadlines.

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