21+ Free Muse Themes & Templates

No we are not talking about the band here! Adobe Muse is an application that can help you create websites without knowledge of any coding. It is really easy to use and comes handy for beginners with little or no technical knowledge of designing a webpage. You May also See Free Bootstrap Themes

Free Simple Muse Theme

Free Soul Muse Theme

Free Adobe Muse Template

Free Flickr Button Muse Template

Free eCommerce Muse Theme

Free Business Muse Theme

Free Image Slider Muse Theme

Free One Page Muse Theme

Free Photo FieldsMuse Theme

Free Beauty Muse Theme

Free Shadow Slide Muse Theme

Free Website Design Muse Theme

Free Google Calender Muse Theme

Free Adobe Muse Theme

Free Special Adobe Muse Theme

Free Web Muse Theme

Free Minimal Design Muse Theme

Free Professional Muse Template

Free Design Muse Template

Free Business Muse Template

Why should we use Muse?

If you have used any of the Adobe software previously then it will be really easy for you to figure out how to use this application. No knowledge of HTML/CSS is required to create webpage using this software and you can create platform specific layouts in a single file. You May also See Responsive HTML5 Website Themes

Moreover if you use Muse templates then you will find that these are much easier to edit and customize than its other counterparts like WordPress which require some technical knowledge. Several elements from different templates can also be combined very easily to create a website.

What is yet to be achieved by this awesome application?

Muse does not come with many complications but at the same time it lacks some of the major functionalities and possibilities present in a platform like WordPress. One of the major drawbacks is that, it does not support database driven things like blogger, ecommerce etc. You can use third party widgets to get these functionalities but that only leads to more complications. To edit Muse, your site has to be Adobe hosted. You cannot access any codes generated within the system and thus there is no scope for modifying them even you have some technical knowledge.

Some of the amazing free Muse widgets

JUMP: This widget requires you to enter any text in it and then the letters come with a jumping animation in your website. You can change the font, color, size any other things as simply as you do it in Word.

Hover Image: This is a free template that lets you create image blocks with hover effects. It is really simple to use.

Sound Waves: You can use this free widget for animating sound waves that can be used in music player backgrounds.

All the given widgets are available on Musefree.com which also stores some of the best themes available for free.

Adobe Muse is getting popular which the beginners and people from non technical background due to it is relatively user friendly and easy to use nature that does not even require the basic coding capabilities. Since it’s a comparatively newer platform for web designing and of course not an open software there is steady but slow development with lesser number of templates available that comes handy. We hope that the information given in this article helps you understand the purpose of this application, target users and also help you find some of the amazing widgets, templates and themes that are available in the market.

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