Top 25+ WordPress jQuery Slider Free Plugins

Looking for some innovative inclusions which would help your website stand out among the worthy competitors! Make room for the jQuery slider plugins which come in handy for adding slideshows thus perfecting the way the website looks.

These wordpress jQuery slider plugins have the best possible features and resourcefulness added to them, and can be implemented via seamless installations on enumerating the topmost options available.

Nivo Slider

  • 12455693

This easy to install plugin provides a stunning look to any website with beautiful translational effects included in addition to the flexible setup.

Slide deck

  • 88630350

Add images and texts seamlessly into the scheme of things with this plugin which provides exciting coding options alongside a customized interface.

jQuery Slider Carousel

  • 51583571

Make room for the exciting thumbnails associated with posts and blog integrations on adding this plugin which also provides category selections.

Simple content slider

  • 66575185

This plugin provides an extremely responsive slider which supports smoother scrolling and comes along with fading effects and better shortcodes.

Basic jQuery Slider

  • 76022288

In comes a basic slider which sports a simple design in addition to the high end flexibility and font selections alongside the interactive layout and coding schemes.

Promotion slider

  • 97811076

One can include slideshows with this plugin which also features an SEO responsive approach followed by customizable time delays and multiple styling options.

Wp Nivo slider

  • 23791031

This plugin allows image and thumbnail inclusions in addition to a responsive layout for the professionals followed by an easy installation scheme.

Responsive slider

  • 22406333

As the name suggests, this slider comes around as a highly responsive plugin which showcases theme integrations in addition to better styling options.

Captain slider

  • 79429146

This plugin provides multiple slider options for the designers alongside animations and side links included with responsive shortcodes and captions.

WP Advance jQuery Cycle

  • 49537198

A plugin which showcases the cross browser compatibility with slideshow inclusions added along in addition to a highly customizable design.


  • 81120464

A plugin which provides jQuery and CSS enabled animations alongside multiple category selections and easy shortcode availability for the professionals.

Wp AD Gallery

  • 23894428

Each post can be presented in a different yet lucid manner with this plugin which allows high end customizability followed by a post editor.

Wp Lightbox 2

  • 76346964

This plugin provides multiple image selections with the 5 built-in themes and a HTML5 compatible interface for the professionals to make use of.

Content Slide

  • 8154325

One can create a fully customizable slideshow on adding this plugin to the websites in addition to the color and size selections for the designers.


  • 85024664

This plugin features a responsive layout in addition to the jQuery animations and a scalable interface for the users with a custom video player embedded.


  • 56423563

A plugin which showcases an extended feature set with 24 built-in themes and an interactive axis included into the scheme of things.

Multipurpose before after slider

  • 95458090

A responsive plugin which features multiple slider options alongside a touch swipe enabled interface and the seamless shortcodes for the professionals.

Dasky Timeline Slider

  • 93045059

This plugin features a fluid based layout in addition to the auto play and the all inclusive Mousewheel control alongside the cross browser compatibility.

Blueprint UI content slider

  • 85657610

In comes a responsive plugin which showcases a full gamut with extensive documentation and image inclusions followed by exciting theme selections.

Showroom Slider

  • 15197294

This plugin allows slider creations with newer themes like boxes and planes as the backdrop in addition to the high end customization.

All Around

  • 62764028

Tons of options and features are available with this plugin which showcases multiple styling options in addition to a responsive design.

Lightspot Slider

  • 24716749

A jQuery driven version which can be integrated with the image preloader whereas the auto slideshow option provides a higher degree of flexibility!

Preview Slider

  • 77424090

This plugin features multiple navigation control in addition to the scrolling and fading effects followed by the extended documentation and responsive designs.

Responsive jQuery Slider

  • 31316754

One can include high end responsiveness on adding this plugin which also features auto rotating options alongside fade transitions and the touch swipe support.


  • 70511153

One can add selective animations to the varying layers with this theme which also supports multiple skin selections and customized transitions.

jQuery Banner Rotator

  • 47593562

An exciting plugin which features a banner rotator for easy customization followed by sidebar inclusions and the content slider for the professionals!

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