12 Best Flash Photo Gallery Templates


A few years ago, Flash was seen as the best way to animate and present images and video. This still holds true today. There are a lot of free tutorials on how to create your own Flash gallery, but for those who are not conversant with the language, you can download some awesome Flash galleries for your pictures and video. The galleries are well designed and only need to be embedded in your site for a very cool effect.

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Tilt Viewer


This is a gallery that is tilted in presentation, and shows all the images in this form. You just have to click on an image in order to zoom in and then click again to zoom out and select another.

3D Wall


This is a flash gallery that is designed like a circular 3D wall, even with shadowy reflections at the bottom end. The wall swings around to bring more images into view.



This gallery has a cover effect with images coming from the back to the front. This gallery has features added using jQuery making it compatible with mobile devices.

Zen Gallery


This is a great gallery that comes in album and slideshow modes. It is optimized for use on mobile devices. The pictures can move in rotation and fade effects.

Stack Photo Gallery


All the pictures are stacked on top of each other like a stack of Polaroid pictures. Actually, all the photos are framed in Polaroid fashion. The beauty is that you can write comments on the white edge of the Polaroid.

Promo Gallery


A cool gallery with the photos represented by numbered tabs at the bottom of the screen. One can also move the photos by means of arrows on the sides. A slideshow is also possible.

Line Photo Gallery


A flash gallery that presents the picture in sets of three. You can scroll across the pictures using arrows at the sides of the gallery.

Cubic Gallery


The photos are set in a grid, and they come to the forefront when the mouse hovers over them. It is also possible to run a slideshow. It can be viewed on mobile devices.

Box Photo Gallery


This gallery also presents photos in a boxed frame. Upon clicking a photo, it will zoom up to fill the whole box. All the photos are arranged in a tiled grid of 9 photos.

Aura Photo Gallery


Aura brings a sharp copy of the photo in the foreground, and then places a faded version as the background. It has a very classy look and also comes with tabs for sharing photos on social networks.

Art Photo Gallery


Photo gallery that has an artistic border. It will go to full screen and also slide show modes. It is optimized for use on mobile devices.

3D Gallery


This gallery presents every photo individually, but uses a number of cool effects when it is changing pictures. The pictures are broken into different sized bits, rotated and a new image emerges.

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