15 Most Usable Magento Bookstore Templates & Themes

Online book stores are a book lover’s paradise; just the thought of spending hours looking up books and going through their descriptions to know which one will suit your taste is an experience which every book lover cherishes.And with Magento bookstore themes you can provide just that. Give the viewers an unforgettable experience by installing a Magento online store theme to your website.

Best Books Magento Theme

best books 788x367

Selling E-books For Magento Theme

selling e books for magento theme 788x755

Responsive Magento Theme Book

responsive magento theme book 788x951

Book Store Magento Theme

book store magento theme 788x800

Books & Magazines Magento Theme

books magazines 788x640

Magento EM Book Reading Theme

em book reading 788x687

Magento Bookshop Template

home page 788x607

Magento Bookstore Theme

bookstore1 788x1093

Magento Template Book

magento template book 788x910

Magento Book Shop Template

magento book shop template 788x747

Magento Template Books

magento template books 788x1055

BS Magento Theme

bs magento theme 788x924

Magento Template For Books

magento template for books 788x1019

JM Bookshop Magento Theme

jm bookshop magento theme 788x507

Magento Books

magento books 788x851

With these themes you give the customers easy access to countless books and the user friendly interface helps them navigate quickly and comfortably to ensure that they get the best experience possible. These themes offer responsive layouts and multi tab feature which help users in browsing books through different categories. These top features like the product view layout which offers both the grid and list view will help viewers to select the books they want easily. These themes offer premium features like feedback options and rating on individual books, so that the customers can go through the summary and length of the books to make sure if a particular book is a valid purchase. Premium features like customizable background colors and fonts are also available. Show discounts and other offers with many customizable tabs. These Magento bookstore themes are free and provide the best look for your online bookstore.

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