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15+ Jewelry Oscommerce Themes & Templates

These detailed and easy to use documentation enabled Oscommerce templates are all set to customize your online jewelry store. They are packed with additional features such as crossbrowser compatibility, tag cloud, custom page templates, calendar, etc.; the premium templates are coded using Lazy Load and Sass and animation is supported by Statics.These easy to download Oscommerce templates consist of multi-language support feature and are enabled with designs elements such as user registration forms, search form, and login form as well as advanced search options. The sliders included in these templates are for displaying offers, new arrivals, and season sales.

Luxury Jewelry OsCommerce Template

luxury jewelry oscommerce template
Customize your online jewellery store with Luxury Jewelry OsCommerce Template. Cross browser compatibility, custom page templates, Google fonts, tag clouds, user registration forms etc. are some of the desired features of this template.

Sandras Jewelry OsCommerce Template

sandras jewelry oscommerce template
With advanced features like crossbrowser compatibility, custom page templates, Calender designs, tag cloud, animation supported panel, Sandras Jewelry OsCommerce Template is a trusted name when you plan to create an elegant jewellery online store.

OsCommerce Template For Luxury Jewelry

oscommerce template for luxury jewelry
Planning to create a multi lingual elegant jewellery online store, the OsCommerce Template For Luxury Jewelry is a wise choice which comes with additional features like tag cloud, cross browser compatibility, calendar designs, Google fonts etc.

Handmade Jewelry Store OsCommerce Template

handmade jewelry store oscommerce template
If you make your own jewelry designs, then you need to use a good jewelry osCommerce template for your website. This one has various customized modules, compatible with all browsers, drop down menus and more.

Elegant Jewelry OsCommerce Template

elegant jewelry oscommerce template
This is a creative and elegant design that you can use for your store, especially if you are selling unique items. It has both list and grid category views, a great admin panel, a 2 column layout and can accommodate the euro, the Great Britain pound and the US dollar.

Swell Jewelry OsCommerce Template

swell jewelry oscommerce template
This is a light design that will keep the focus on the products that are available. It uses elegant fonts with a drop down menu and a large slider to keep the products visible. There are different headers to choose from and 4 columns.

Star Jewelry OsCommerce Template

star jewelry oscommerce template
If you want a dark jewelry osCommerce template, then this is perfect. It has plenty of different categories for the sparklers, including bracelets, watches, earrings, necklaces and wedding items. There are 4 columns with decorative borders and the background has a circular pattern.

Fantastic Jewelry OsCommerce Template

fantastic jewelry oscommerce template
For any online store, this simple, yet elegant theme is great. There are different pages that you can set up, including new products, specials and more. It has an easy to use admin panel and the animation is run using HTML plus JS.

Black Diamond OsCommerce Template

black diamond oscommerce template
If you want to emphasize the beauty and luxury of the sparklers, then you should definitely use this black theme. The page has a effective, yet elegant and simple design with a big slider in the middle for the images.

The Noblest Jewels OsCommerce Template

the noblest jewels oscommerce template
If you are trying to attract some new customers to your page, then you need to have an effective jewelry osCommerce template. The images are magnified and the layout is pure white, which lets them pop. It is simple to use and even easier to install.

Fabulous Jewelry OsCommerce Template

fabulous jewelry oscommerce template
For those who want a professional look to their website, then this is the perfect jewelry osCommerce template. It has an easy to understand admin panel and it uses Jquery. It is perfect for any online shop or store.

Awesome Jewelry OsCommerce Template

awesome jewelry oscommerce template
Looking at various stunning pieces of jewelry on the web page may make it difficult to make a choice. This template is clean with the minimal layout which enables the customer to focus on a particular jewelry instead of making confusion. Grids and smart content organization make every photo emerge. The background of the template is black and white.

Extraordinary Jewelry OsCommerce Template

extraordinary jewelry oscommerce template
This is another elegant, yet classic theme that you can use for your gem store. It uses the latest OsCommerce technology with a great admin panel and it is easy for the customer to use and navigate.

Excellent Jewelry OsCommerce Template

excellent jewelry oscommerce template
This 3 column template is simple, yet elegant. It has plenty of documentation and it is easy to install and the admin panel is also simple to use.

Glorious Jewelry OsCommerce Template

glorious jewelry oscommerce template
If classy, elegant and simple is what you are looking for, then this is the perfect theme. There are huge sliders to feature the products and you can add various categories, including brooches and pins, pendants, earrings and more.

There is no limit to what you can design, especially when you are starting a jewelry related online store. All of these themes are perfect and can be customized to your wishes or needs.

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