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45+ Best WooCommerce Themes & Templates

WooCommerce themes are quite a success when it comes to modern day web portal development. The question that arises: what would make for that perfect WooCommerce them and which features need to be included to make it highly effective? You May also See Responsive WooCommerce Themes

Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

multi purpose responsive woocommerce theme

Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

purpose responsive woocommerce theme

New Life Style WooCommerce Theme $70

new life style woocommerce theme 70

Responsive WooCommerce Theme $49

responsive woocommerce theme

Clothing Responsive WooCommerce Theme $39

clothing responsive woocommerce theme

Free Fully Modern WooCommerce Theme

free fully modern woocommerce theme

Fishing Store WooCommerce Theme $114

fishing store woocommerce theme

Colorful Responsive WooCommerce Theme $59

colorful responsive woocommerce theme

Online Store WooCommerce Theme $46

online store woocommerce theme

Business WordPress WooCommerce Theme

business wordpress woocommerce theme

Hair Styles WooCommerce Theme $114

hair styles woocommerce theme

Furniture Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme $59

furniture multipurpose woocommerce theme

Multipurpose Woocommerce Theme $55

multipurpose woocommerce theme

Computer Hardware WooCommerce Theme $114

computer hardware woocommerce theme

Amazing WooCommerce Theme $59

amazing woocommerce theme

Builder Page Multipurpose WP Theme $59

builder page multipurpose wp theme

Free Minimal WooCommerce Theme

free minimal woocommerce theme

Hot Perfume Shop WooCommerce Theme $114

hot perfume shop woocommerce theme

Modern Responsive WooCommerce Theme $59

modern responsive woocommerce theme

Kid Store WP eCommerce WooCommerce Theme $29

kid store wp ecommerce woocommerce theme

Summer Collection WooCommerce Theme $114

summer collection woocommerce theme

Portfolio Responsive Woocommerce Theme $59

portfolio responsive woocommerce theme

Ultimate WordPress WooCommerce Theme $32

ultimate wordpress woocommerce theme

Premium Furniture WooCommerce Theme $114

premium furniture woocommerce theme

Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

electronics store woocommerce theme

Powerful And Flexible WooCommerce Theme $100

powerful and flexible woocommerce theme 100

Free Design WooCommerce Theme

free design woocommerce theme

Kitchen WooCommerce Theme $114

kitchen woocommerce theme

Shopping Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme $59

shopping multipurpose woocommerce theme

Shoping Responsive WooCommerce Theme $39

shoping responsive woocommerce theme

Bikes Online WooCommerce Theme $114

bikes online woocommerce theme

Shopping Zone WooCommerce Theme $49

shopping zone woocommerce theme

Online Shoping WooCommerce Theme $114

online shoping woocommerce theme

The present scenario

Near about 30% of the entire online ecommerce portals have been powered by WooCommerce plugins. The number is pretty impressive (ah, yes; it’s near about 9 million downloads!). If the right type of WooCommerce theme is used to develop the website for ecommerce purpose, scenarios would turn out to be highly positive for the client. You May also See Fashion Store WooCommerce Themes There has never been any scarcity of options when it comes to picking a theme based on WooCommerce. However, what makes sense is to look for themes that meet the expectations perfectly with the presence of all the necessary features that would be deemed appropriate for the specific site being developed.

Enjoy free benefits with all the premium features

Yes, you heard it right! WooCommerce is available for free. Never to worry about features since it comes loaded with loads of features to work with. Simply use this eCommerce toolkit and setup your e-store with minimal hassles. You need not have to worry about paying those monthly fees; there aren’t any! Once your ecommerce store starts growing, you would definitely be including new set of features to improve on the functionality of the site. Yes, there would be some sort of monetary involvement during those scenarios that comes at a much later stage. Even with monetary involvement, there is always a strong chance of success with this CMS, thus justifying the investment cost.

Features those are available with the Free WooCommerce plugin option

Focusing on the Community

It was way back in 2011 when WooCommerce was launched as an Open-Sourced plugin. The WooCommerce Community is supported by over 400 contributors. For any problem and troubleshoot, these members are available 24/7 to figure out and provide the best solution. For more complex issues, it is recommended to go for developer support.


The start may well be small; but, future definitely holds bigger plans. With WooCommerce plugin, it becomes easy enough to move from 1 small unit to 1000 SKUs. It is not important about the number of products you sell as far the performance of website is concerned. No matter how many clients you deal with or how many products you sell, the site would always run in the smoothest way possible.


It’s common fact that every single ecommerce store is unique and different. When you develop a ecommerce store using WooCommerce, the functionality of the store can be extended as per the requirement. There are over 300 extensions to work with from Woo Marketplace.

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