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SAS Consultant Cover Letter

SAS Consultant Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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Please accept this letter together with the attached resume as my way of informing you of my interest in the open SAS Consultant position at [Rapporteur Groups]. While reviewing your website, I was glad to see that your company has a wide range of operations aimed to satisfy clients. I am attracted explicitly to SAS operations, in which I am confident of doing considering the skills that I possess. 

As my resume indicates, I graduated with a [bachelor's degree] in [information technology] at [Los Angeles City College]. I am both academically and practically exposed to all facets of Information Technology. I performed data analysis in various data sources and handled complex prototyping for SAS EBI. Other than that, I also ensured that all SAS developers were guided accordingly in regards to technical and operational issues. Above all these activities, I made sure that everyone and everything complied with the company’s internal and external rules and regulations. During my entry-level employment, I was hired as a [SAS programmer] and later ventured as a [SAS analyst]. Due to all of my exposures, I believe I did not just meet your set of qualifications and specifications, but surpassed it. I am skilled enough to perform my duties effectively. 

I am prepared for all the duties that the job position requires. I am excited to have a conversation with you soon for the advancement of my job application. I hope you'll consider me as a top candidate for the position and I will make sure that you will not regret making the decision. I provided my contact details below for your reference and I am available from 1 to 5 p.m on the weekdays. Thank you so much for giving some of your time reading and considering this letter as it’s my formal way of informing you of my interest in the job vacancy. 



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