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Energy Consultant Cover Letter Template

Energy Consultant Cover Letter Template in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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I was approached by one of your executives a few days ago, and he said to me that your company, [A.P.A. Power Plant], is currently looking for an Energy Consultant. He encouraged me to submit my resume to your premises since he is aware that I am an experienced Energy Consultant for many years. Along with the resume, I've submitted is this letter I've written expressing my willingness to offer my expertise to [A.P.A. Power Plant]. I am confident that I hit all the specifications of your candidate qualifications checklist.    

I have worked with [three] well-known companies in the energy industry throughout my extensive career as an Energy Consultant. Most of the companies I worked for asked me to help them achieve green certification. I gladly fulfilled my duties and guided them toward that goal by proposing energy consumption and productions that minimizes carbon emissions, radiation emissions, and other harmful wastes. I collaborated with environmentalists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and other internal stakeholders toward the common goal of earning a green certification. For countless instances, I also proposed methods and strategies to reduce the energy consumption cost of the companies I was associated with.

I could go on and on about my accomplishments and contributions throughout my career. But it's not possible for me to talk about all of them through this letter. However, if given an opportunity for an interview, I would gladly let you know more about my background and discuss the matters of this job vacancy. You can contact my phone number and email address from [Monday to Friday] during business hours. I am hoping to be a part of [A.P.A. Power Plant] soon.



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