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Free Fitness Consultant Cover Letter Template

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I hope you accept my application letter in which I provide the qualifications and specifications required to join your team of fitness consultants and instructors in your gym, [Crossfit Genesis]. I offer my services and skills to help those in need in the fitness community. 
Ever since graduating and earning my [Bachelors of Science Degree] in [Kinesiology] from [Stamford University] and earning my certification as a physical fitness trainer, I have worked for [five years] in multiple CrossFit gyms across the state as a fitness consultant. I am very passionate when it comes to fulfilling my duties so that others may achieve their fitness goals and preserve a healthy lifestyle while doing so. I conduct group or individual training sessions, as well as calisthenics training, Olympic weight lifting, weight training and strengthening, and cardiovascular exercises such as running and swimming. I provide weight loss training programs for those ranging from [20-60] kilograms. When necessary, I offer health advice for clients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, and depression. When it comes to safety, I implement proper protocols and techniques when performing exercise movements and forms to my clients. I also provide rehabilitation exercises for individuals who are suffering from injuries and illnesses. With these skills and services written on my checklist, I am more than capable of being one of your fitness instructors. 

I am confident that you should consider my application so that I may become your fitness consultant. Please refer to my contacts below so I may know if you wish to schedule an appointment regarding my job application. I am available at any time for a call or interview. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and may you keep in touch regarding your decision. 



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