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I heard that your company is looking for a [Medical Editor] to fact check all scientific and medical writings before publication. I am interested in the position and I am informing you about my application with this letter. When possible, please take time to read this letter and consider me as a potential candidate for the vacant job position. 

Before I attained the role of editor, I was a medical writer for [five years] with a [master's degree] holder in [medical journalism]. My knowledge and experience in writing and proofreading have allowed me to perform my duties well and prepared me to be fit for the editor position. I am strict about giving only factual information and particular in finishing tasks on their designated deadlines. I am also exposed to various writing styles and I implemented performance regulations during my employment as an editor to maintain productivity within my team. In regards to my work ethics, you may contact my previous editor-in-chief, [Phoebe Ann Glamour], via her number which is [(990}-6598-876)].

With my lasting work exposure in writing and editing, as mentioned in my resume attached together with this letter, I believe I can promptly meet your expectations and your set of qualifications and specifications. It would be great to have a chance to talk further about my application in your most preferred time, date, and place. Thank you. 



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