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In medical science fields, a liaison is integral to establishing communications and teamwork between parties. If you’re looking to apply for such a position, utilize our Free Medical Science Liaison Cover Letter Template. You can put together a compelling introduction to your liaison application by editing our letter sample. And you can use this template in different applications—Apple Pages, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.





I received a phone call from one of your medical experts saying that [Athenian Medical Group] is looking for a Medical Science Liaison such as myself. I told him that I am interested and willing to be invited for a job interview. Subsequently, I prepared my resume and wrote this letter as a formal response. I am positive that my credentials are enough for you to deem me as a worthy candidate.

Years before I became a Medical Science Liaison, I worked as a [medical scientist] at well-established medical facilities. As I fulfilled my duties as a [medical scientist], I also earned my [doctorate degree] in [medical science]. When I finally started my illustrious career as a Medical Science Liaison, I already had extensive knowledge about the medical industry, including the various treatments, medicines, medical procedures, and medical standard rules and regulations. I was able to help each medical establishment I worked for by expanding the qualities of their healthcare products and services and by assisting them in identifying business opportunities.

Hopefully, you would give me a chance to showcase my expertise in [Athenian Medical Group]. I am ready to respond to your phone call or email from [Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at any hour]. I am eager to meet you soon and discuss matters regarding my application. 



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